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Since 1959, Go-Forth Winston-Salem has offered service and support to hundreds of customers in dealing with termite infestations. In addition to being a headache, termites can cause significant, sometimes irreparable, damage to your home.

At Go-Forth Winston-Salem, it is our goal to not only rid your home of these problematic pests, but to keep them from returning to your home in the future. Our termite control technicians and accredited WDIR termite inspectors will cover every inch of your home to find and eliminate the source of your termite problem. Applying only the safest and most advanced extermination techniques available, our Termite Control Service will not only eliminate your pest problem, but help to keep it from recurring in the future.

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Sentricon Benefits

Sentricon Benefits

“Every year, termites cause $780 million dollars worth of damage in Australia. One in three Australian properties are, or will be, affected by this resilient and persistent pest.

Colonies can exist for years before being detected with several million individuals randomly foraging for food. Unfortunately, in this case that food source is your house.”

We are proud to offer a retreatment warranty for termite treatments and a damage-repair warranty for eligible homes.

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